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Among Us

Among us is a popular social deduction video game that resembles the game of “Mafia”. The point of the game is that there is an imposter, a murderer, among you, and you do not know who it is. So you try to find out through voting. If the team guesses who that imposter is before he kills a certain number of people, the team wins.

Graphics 10/10

The graphics of the game are simple, flat (2D format) and cartoonish. And it actually adds lots of charm to the game. Due to the simplicity of the graphics, you can play it using even a very weak computer. Еhe animation is very funny and with this kind of cartoonish atmosphere. There’s no cruelty, not even when you are being killed. And the characters don’t even resemble people.

Gameplay 9/10

The plot is: an interstellar spacecraft is returning home from a dangerous journey. And part of the team was infected with alien brain parasites. The gameplay is very simple. It depends on the role that you got. A total of 10 cosmonauts participate in the party, among whom there may be from one to three imposters.

If you are a peaceful astronaut, your task is to put the spaceship in order, eliminating all the problems. You’ll have a ship map with indicated breakdowns that need to be fixed. All of these problems are like mini-games. While doing that, you should remember that there are imposters among you, so you need to pay attention to whether all o the members of the group are doing these tasks. If you’re an imposter, your task is to disable the spaceship, kill peaceful astronauts without getting caught. 

Controls 9/10

Controls in Among Us are pretty simple. To interact with some objects, one click is enough and two tappings activate it. It’s easy to get used to this type of control. The central gameplay really does not require special skills, in addition to the ability to click on buttons and put facts and evidence together. So managing the game is pretty easy.

Replay value 8.5/10

Like with every other online game, it can bore you at some point. Especially playing with the same people over and over again won’t seem as interesting as it was at the very beginning. But the thing about this game is: once you change the team, the game is exciting again.

Final Thoughts

The game is very cool: it’s addictive, bright, well thought out, and funny even in a group with strangers. The graphics add a lot to the atmosphere of some old indie game. The quality of gameplay totally depends on the people you are paying with, but one game with the right team is worth few bad games full of cheater users.


  • Gameplay is exciting
  • Great visual style
  • Abundance of settings
  • Lots of space for manipulation and bluffing


  • Cheaters sometimes spoil the fun of playing with strangers
  • The graphics feels less quality when playing on PC
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