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Secret Neighbor

Secret neighbor is a multiplayer game set between acts 1 and 2 of Hello Neighbor. A group of kids will have to get to a neighbor's basement and rescue a kidnapped friend from there. However, one of them is playing the role of a traitor and needs to try to lure the rest into traps and neutralize.

Graphics 8.5/10

The graphics of the Secret Neighbor is very thought through. It is noticeable that the developers really put a lot of effort into making the virtual world of the game extremely exciting. Every location of the game is full of a great number of details that add a lot to the atmosphere. The lightning of the locations is also elaborate. You can notice lots of lights and darkened places that highlight the horror genre of the game. This kind of graphics is not everyone’s cup of tea since it’s rather childish. But thanks to it the atmosphere is very attractive.

Gameplay 9/10

The gameplay of the Secret Neighbor is pretty simple. There are two teams: 6 kids and a neighbor. The location of the game is the house of the neighbor and the surroundings. You’ll be playing for either one of the children or for the neighbor. The thing is that the neighbor is disguised as one of the kids. Children’s task is to save their companion, who is locked in the basement of the house. To do this you first have to find the keys to open the locks on the door to the basement. Keys are hidden around the house so you have to find them all. And the neighbor’s task is to catch the kids and prevent them from finding all the keys without raising any suspicions.

Controls 9/10

Playing the Secret Neighbor resembles the experience of consol playing. The button system is quite simple. The buttons that are used the most are: E (to open and close the doors, to attack, to use some object), space (to jump), left button on a mouse (to use some object that is in your hands, to look in the closet, etc).

In case if you are confused about the controls, you can always find tips in the lower right corner of the screen.

Replay value 9/10

There are a lot of characters in the game and you can play for anyone, so you won’t get bored of replaying it. You can choose between:

  • detective
  • brave
  • leader
  • inventor
  • scout
  • backpacker

Every one of the characters has its own functions and you can play for the neighbor too. It is extremely fun to play the game for each of them and see their perspective.

Final Thoughts

The Secret Neighbor is a pretty cool product. The atmosphere and the graphics of this world are very engaging. The gameplay is perfect to just have fun with your friends and not spend too much time playing since the round lasts for 15 minutes only.


  • Quality graphics with lots of details
  • Not a lot of system requirements
  • Multiplayer game so you can play it with your friends as a team


  • No such function as a game search with your friends in a lobby
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